What Is Black Mold And Where Does It Grow?

Of all the types of mold that can grow in your house, "black mold" is the most dangerous. It can cause a variety of health problems, and can even be deadly if it isn't taken care of. Knowing black mold basics and where you can find it can help protect you from this dangerous mold.  What Black Mold Is When people say "black mold," they're usually talking about the toxic kind, even though there are many types of mold that look similar but don't pose a threat.

How To Clean Mold Growing In Your Home

Mold growth can begin in your home because of excess moisture in the air or a water leak. If you notice that you have a water leak or that there is excess moisture in the air because you don't turn the vents on in the bathroom when using the shower, for example, then you will probably have to deal with mold cleanup. First off, you need to take care of the water leak and clean up water and moisture in the home before you actually begin cleaning up any mold growth.