Crawl Space Waterproofing From The Inside Out To Protect Your Home From Water Damage And Energy Loss

If you want to stop problems with water in your foundation and you have a crawl space, then there may be improvements that need to be done. Often, these improvements will start with the interior of the crawl space and encapsulation, but they should include serious improvements to maximize the protection against water damage in the crawl space. The following information will help you protect your crawl space from water problems:

Start By Inspecting The Interior Of Your Crawl Space and Deciding If It Needs Improvements

The first thing that needs to be done is to inspect your foundation for water problems. With a crawl space, you will want to begin by inspecting the interior for water and moisture problems that need to be dealt with. You will also want to inspect the exterior for problems with structural damage and failing waterproofing that needs to be repaired and updated.

Encapsulation and Improvements That Will Help Prevent Problems With The Interior Of The Foundation

Encapsulation is one of the best solutions to protect crawl space foundations. This is a process that will waterproof and seal the interior of the foundation. The crawl space encapsulation will help add an extra layer of protection from water problems as well as improve the energy efficiency of your home and keep pests out of the crawl space.

Dry Wells And Sump Pumps That Will Help Remove The Water and Moisture From The Crawl Space

There are many ways water can get into a crawl space foundation, which starts with failing waterproofing but could be due to problems with high water tables or condensation. Therefore, you may want to have a dry well and sump pump system installed that will help deal with any excess water and moisture that does get into the crawl space of your home.  

Waterproofing and Drainage Improvements That Need To Be Done To The Exterior Of Your Crawl Space

The exterior of your crawl space is also going to need waterproofing to keep the water out, which will start with excavations. The crawl space will also have new drain tiles installed to ensure it has good drainage before the waterproofing is done. The waterproofing that is applied will provide the barrier to keep water out and protect the inside of the foundation from problems with water and moisture.

These are some of the improvements that will help protect your home from the damage that water can cause when it gets into the crawl space. If you need help with these improvements, contact a crawl space waterproofing service like Central Penn Waterproofing to protect your home from damage.