4 Problems That Homeowners With Crawl Space Foundations Have To Deal With And Repair

There are many problems that can affect the foundation of your home, and each type of foundation has unique problems that homeowners face. With crawl spaces, the problems often have to do with moisture, waterproofing, and issues with mold or mildew. Here are some tips to help you if you have a crawl space foundation and want to avoid serious problems:

1. Poor Landscaping Drainage and Standing Water Getting in The Crawl Space

Landscaping drainage and watershed is important to protect your home from water problems. If you have a crawl space foundation, sometimes these problems can go unnoticed. This can cause problems with standing water and serious damage to your home's foundation. To prevent these problems, do improvements to landscaping drainage and watershed to keep water from entering the crawl space and causing damage.

2. Damage to Foundation Walls Caused by Static Water Pressure and Groundwater Filtration

Another issue that you may have to deal with if you have a crawl space foundation is static water pressure. This is pressure that groundwater causes as it drains or filters through soils. The static pressure can cause serious damage to foundation walls where they are located below the ground level outside. To prevent these problems, waterproofing and foundation drainage improvements need to be done.

3. Insufficient Waterproofing Allowing Water to Get Inside Crawl Spaces and Cause Problems

Insufficient waterproofing can allow water to get into your foundation and cause problems. These problems may vary from standing water and mold to structural damage and erosion. Just like other types of foundations, such as basements, need to be repaired. To prevent damage to your crawl space, it is important to have a good waterproofing system installed by a reliable company such as Central Penn Waterproofing.

4. Issues with Poor Ventilation and Moisture Being Trapped In The Crawl Space Foundation

Another problem that you may have with a crawl space foundation is moisture getting in and being trapped. This can be partially due to insufficient waterproofing, but ventilation also plays a role in keeping moisture out of your basement. You can talk with a foundation waterproofing service about improving crawl space ventilation and encapsulation of your crawl space to help prevent these problems.

These are some tips to help you deal with the unique problems that you may face with a crawl space foundation. If you need help getting the musty smell out and dealing with waterproofing issues, contact a crawl space waterproofing service and talk to them about solutions like encapsulation to protect your foundation.